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Consolidated Credit Partners with KOP Mentoring Network for Virtual Financial Literacy Program

Fort Lauderdale, FL, August 24, 2020 –September marks the first full month of public education for many children across the United States, and — for a group of South Florida youth — this school year will include a financial literacy curriculum.

From September to May, Consolidated Credit will be facilitating a virtual Financial Literacy Program with the KOP Mentoring Network.

Consolidated Credit will bring 27 years of financial expertise to kids aged 7-17 in the KOP Mentoring Network.

The Financial Literacy Program will cover personal finance concepts through webinars, publications, and competitive games. Registration for the program is free, and the families of the children, and KOP facility, will have access to financial tools and additional information through a co-branded landing page.

“We are excited to partner with Consolidated Credit to start the discussion with our kids about earning and saving their money early,” said C. Ron Allen, founder and CEO of KOPMN. “We believe that if you start giving kids real-world experience without real-world stress when they are young, the vocabulary becomes ingrained and they put it in place, and you can address a potential problem before it becomes one.”

Consolidated Credit’s webinars will feature age-appropriate curriculum for KOP Mentoring Network’s participants. Financial education concepts featured in this program will be adapted to cater to many different education levels.

“We are excited to extend our virtual education options to the South Florida youth this school year,” says Maria Romo Community Outreach Manager for Consolidated Credit “We also hope to continue this partnership when social-distancing guidelines are no longer in effect.”

During the global pandemic, Consolidated Credit has continued to provide virtual education to the community at large. Consolidated Credit hopes to help the participants of this program learn money management skills and achieve financial literacy.

KOP Mentoring Network will coordinate and publicize Consolidated Credit’s financial educational activities and materials among its participants — South Palm Beach County youth that has been served by the organization since 1991.

KOP Mentoring Network is committed to offering its youth a safe place to learn, play and grow. Through their partnership with Consolidated Credit, KOP Mentoring Network will continue its legacy of providing enriching programs, experiences and activities to its many members.

About: Consolidated Credit is a nonprofit 501(3)c and has been assisting consumers for over 27 years. Their mission is to assist families throughout the United States in ending financial hardships through financial education and professional credit counseling.

About:  KOP Mentoring Network is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that has been serving the South Palm Beach County youth since 1991. Their mission is to develop essential skills and make lasting connections for children by providing them with supportive relationships with caring mentors.

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