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Kimberly B.

Kimberly B.

Prior to becoming a certified credit counselor at Consolidated Credit, Kimberly was a client service representative for seven years, but when the opportunity to help clients one-on-one arose, she grabbed it and has now been a counselor for three years.

“I’ve have been on both sides – helping people who are struggling to make their payments and working with them, as well as dealing with their creditors and resolving any problems along the way,” she said. “Being a credit counselor you help people understand their options and help them figure out the best path to getting their finances on track – it’s very gratifying.”

What inspired you to become a certified credit counselor?

My inspiration to want to become a counselor was the opportunity to help people. To help people who are struggling; people who are behind on payments and help them get caught up again and start fresh.

What’s the most memorable call you’ve received?

There was this woman who called me and her husband was the pastor of a church. She was having trouble with her credit card debts and became overwhelmed and couldn’t handle it anymore. She enrolled in the program and has now graduated and is free of her credit card debts.

What’s the nicest thing a graduate from the program has ever said to you?

One of the nicest things a graduate has said was that I’m an angel and thank you. I actually just received a nice ornament from someone with angels on it. It was really lovely.

What do your friends and family think about your job?

My friends and family think what I do is commendable because we are helping people. They ask me questions about how it is to counsel people and if we get a lot of calls because of the economy as well as issues that pertain to their lives. I had a family member who had cancer and was on disability. She needed help taking care of her debt. She called and asked what do we do and she ended up being a client – I was so happy that we could help her!

What’s the most common reason people give for falling into debt?

The most common reasons I’ve heard are divorce and loss of income. Many people are losing their jobs because of the economy.

How do you separate your work life from your personal life?

I try to separate it. Some of the stories you hear come back to you. The ones that come back are usually the ones whose husband left them with all the debt and the kids are now in turmoil. Being a single mother it bothers me. I feel for their struggle, and then I try to focus on helping the next person.

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