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Working Hard but Still in Debt

Robert proves that debt isn’t because you’re lazy. 

Millennials are loafing snowflakes who want the world handed to them. They need constant hugs and can’t hold down a job for more than a minute. They get into debt because they’re lazy. 

Robert would disagree.

In 2018, at 26 years old, “I was working about 60 hours a week between two jobs trying to make ends meet,” Robert recalls. But Millennials — and everyone today — faces skyrocketing rents, stifling student loans, and flat salaries.

So despite his hard work, “I was literally drowning in credit card debt on top of other debt as well. Creditors were calling me every day. I was crying myself to sleep every night. At 26 years of age, I was so upset at myself for the financial mess I was in.”

Robert “stumbled upon” a solution… 

I was desperately searching for a loan via the Internet to bring myself some financial relief. After failing numerous times, I stumbled upon Consolidated Credit.

Like many debt-shocked Americans, Robert was skeptical about Consolidated Credit. He’d been burned before by offers that sounded too good to be true. Could Consolidated Credit really help? Here’s what persuaded him…

“I read over the information but didn’t really quite understand how consolidating my credit card debt would assist me. A few days later, I received a phone call from a Consolidated Credit counselor. When we first began talking, I didn’t know what to think. One part of me was afraid and wary, but the other part of me didn’t have anything to lose. I desperately wanted to improve my financial life.”

That improvement began almost immediately. 

Within literally a few days, I stopped receiving phone calls from creditors.

I stopped crying at night, and I also regained my appetite that had disappeared within the few previous weeks.

That was in December 2018. Less than a year later, Robert declared, “I am proud to announce that I have officially paid off one of my credit cards!”

For Robert, this has been a spiritual experience…

“I’m a spiritual person and I truly believe that God, Mother Nature, and the universe placed Consolidated Credit into my life for a positive and uplifting purpose,” Robert says. “I also believe that Consolidated Credit was placed into my life to help me prepare for my future life partner. With the knowledge that I’m receiving now from Consolidated Credit, we will be able to make intelligent purchases for our life together.” 

Now Robert dreams of the future, instead of having nightmares about the past…

I don’t know what I would have done — or currently do — without Consolidated Credit. I could have potentially been homeless in the Midwest during the wintertime. That would have been a horrible combination.

Now he’s thinking about eventually buying a home and maybe pursuing a master’s degree. He still has some debt to pay off, but he’s brimming with confidence for the first time. That’s because he feels like he has a powerful ally on his side.

Because of Consolidated Credit, I can purchase items without using a credit card. I can look at my credit card statements each month and see the payment that they send on my behalf.

I have a whole team to help me in a battle against credit card debt that I could not fight alone. Consolidated Credit is my advocate.

More than anything, Robert is grateful that Consolidated Credit treated him like a good person who simply got in a bad spot. He says Consolidated Credit helped him “retain my dignity and independence.” It can do that for you, too.

If you have questions about consolidation, talk to a certified credit counselor to get the answers you need.

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