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Personal Debt Stories (Page4)

Stories of people overcoming challenges with credit card debt.

Americans have record-levels of credit card debt. We owe $482 billion to credit card companies.[1] Although every financial situation is unique, common themes run through the financial challenges that people face. These personal debt stories come from real clients of Consolidated Credit. They’ve shared their experiences with credit card debt in the hopes that it can inspire others facing similar situations.

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Finding a Way Out When Do-It-Yourself Debt Consolidation Fails

Carol tried twice to consolidate on her own, but DIY debt consolidation just made a bad situation worse. Learn what she did to get out of debt....

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Amber's Debt Started Started in Europe But Followed Her Home

Amber graduated from college in debt after using credit cards to cover daily living expenses. Here's how she paid everything off....

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Marcus Says There's No Better Feeling than Celebrating Freedom from Debt

Marcus made the last payment on his debt management program and sat down with us to tell us how freedom from debt feels and how you can achieve it too....

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Living Large on Credit Cards Leads to $35,000 in Credit Card Debt

Shopping, partying, and buying cars on credit will cost you. Ask Kamal. But he did something about it – he called Consolidated Credit....

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Overspending on 23 Credit Cards Almost Cost Diane Her Marriage

Credit cards making bad habits like shopping addications and overspending even worse. But Diane found a solution to break those habits....

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What to Do When Living Beyond Your Means Catches Up to You

It’s easy to get comfortable living beyond your means when you have credit cards to support you. Learn how to break the cycle so you can get out of debt....

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Consolidated Credit Offers Preventative Care for Debt Stress Syndrome

When Barbara fell behind on her bills, debt stress syndrome landed her in the hospital. After she recovered, she called Consolidated Credit for the cure....

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