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¿Tiene Deudas de Tarjeta de Crédito? Obtenga un análisis GRATIS ¡Hoy!

Caso de Estudio de Programa de Manejo de Deuda

Jason W. from Auburn, CA

With our help, Jason was able to cut his monthly debt payments by almost 70 percent! He’s also getting out of debt 20 years faster than he would have just making minimum payments.

Total debt: $51,934.81

Jose C. from Uniondale, NY

A debt management program helped Jose from paying over a grand each month to paying less than $500. He also shaved 16 years of time to become debt-free.

Total debt: $33,568.55

James R. from Mabank, TX

Total monthly savings of 30 to 50 percent is an average, but some people end up saving more than that. James shaved almost 80 percent off his monthly payments with a DMP.

Total debt: $29,021.65