Save Money, Avoid Energy Vampires

This Halloween, vampires are lurking everywhere in your home. No, not the blood sucking ones, the energy sucking ones.

You might have heard of something called vampire energy. It’s when your appliances suck energy out of your electricity bill and pocketbook even when they are not in use. And a new href=””>survey shows it’s worse than you might think.

According to the Department of Energy (DOE), power sucking vampires like TVs, laptops, cellphones, chargers and even coffee makers account for 20 percent of your electricity bill when not in use and cost consumers more than $3 billion each year. But, Consolidated Credit can help.

  1. Unplug electronics completely. Whether a charger is charging a device or not, it burns electricity once it’s plugged in. Be sure to unplug chargers and computers, smart phones and devices completely from the outlet. Unplug household items like coffee makers, toasters and blenders, when not in use and be sure to switch off lights, fans and TV’s upon leaving a room.
  2. Invest in a power surge or power strip. Not only will they protect your appliances when the power goes off and comes back on with a spike in voltage, they also make it easier to turn numerous appliances off in one switch. After all who has the time to go through the arduous task of individually switching off appliances at night or when not in use.
  3. Be even more selective when buying appliances. When purchasing appliances, be sure to look for the ENERGY STAR®. These appliances use 50 percent less energy to perform the same task a non-energy star appliance would. While you’re at it, be sure to replace existing bright lights with energy-efficient compact fluorescent lights. They use less energy and lasts longer.
  4. While performing certain tasks takes patience, performing them on a regular basis can save on energy vampires. Consolidated Credit is dedicated to helping you save money to stay out of debt. To find out more energy saving tips visit Consolidated Credit or call to speak with a certified credit counselor if you need help getting out of debt.

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