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College Debt by Generation

A four-year college degree was a great thing to have in the 1940s, but today it has become standard. Unfortunately, the standard price of education has skyrocketed since then. In the 40s you could get a four-year college education for a fraction of the cost you face today. Currently, the average college student graduates with $25,000 of student loan debt. That’s more debt than it would have cost your grandparents to get a degree in the past.

This infographic provides a side-by-side comparison of the cost of a college education in each generation. If you are preparing for college or making plans for your kids, this provides information on what you need to do to get your finances ready. If you’re already out of school and struggling with debt, you should look into options for student loan debt relief. You might also benefit from unsecured debt consolidation, which can free up more money to cover high student loan debt payments. Call us today at (844) 276-1544 to speak with a certified credit counselor and discuss options for debt relief. You can also take the first step online with a request for a Free Debt Analysis.

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Info graphic comparing college statistics between current and previous generations

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