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Managing Financial Stress During COVID-19

Financial stress is at an all-time high as Americans deal with record unemployment, furloughs, and pay cuts during a pandemic. This infographic touches on the root causes of stress and how to use the CALM method to manage financial stress during these unprecedented times.

Code Red RX: How to Survive Financial Stress
financial stress; code red rx surviving financial stress webinar infographic

Code Rex RX Surviving Financial Stress 30% of Americans feel stressed out about money all the time 39% can’t cover a $1000 financial emergency… even though an emergency fund should be 3-6 months of living expenses Stay CALM! Create a plan Automate bill payment Lower spending Make progress

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This on-demand webinar goes more in-depth on how to manage financial stress using the CALM method. Learn practical steps you can take to alleviate the pressure you’re feeling, so you can take gradual steps forward.

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