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Secrets to Successful Retirement

8 key things to consider if you really want to enjoy your golden years.

There’s a lot that’s being said about retirement these days – from fears of Social Security running out to tales of how the Medicare overhaul from the Affordable Care Act has actually increased healthcare costs for seniors, it seems like there is no shortage of concern that living a successful comfortable retirement may be out of reach for most.

Still, is that really the case?

Goes to page displaying info graphic on learning the secrets to a successful retirement plan
Graphic displaying on learning the secrets to a successful retirement plan

At Consolidated Credit, every day we help retirees and those nearing retirement to overcome challenges with debt so they’re in a better position to reach their retirement goals and maintain financial stability throughout their golden years. So we wanted to know if it’s really possible for the average American household to have the retirement they really want.

Encouragingly, according to the data, it turns out that millions of Americans aren’t entering retirement on time – if not early – and spending their golden years in very much the way they envisioned it. Of course there are certain challenges to overcome, but with the right strategy and a solid financial plan, successful retirement is possible.

The infographic below is designed to help you understand eight key lessons you need to learn if you want to reach retirement on time and spend your years the way you really want. If you’re at or near retirement, and debt is holding you back from making things happen, we’re here to help. Call Consolidated Credit today at (844) 276-1544 or complete an online application to request a free debt and budget evaluation with a certified credit counselor.

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