What Tax Forms Do I Need?

It’s tax season again, which means you need to gather up your tax forms so you can file as soon as possible. But what tax forms do you need to complete your filing this year? This infographic explains the most common tax forms in the U.S. and what they mean, so you can file right in 2021.

What your tax forms mean - click here
Consolidated Credit's infographic explaining what tax forms mean

What your tax forms mean Don't get confused by all the W's A W2... • Shows how much you earned last year • Shows how much tax was withheld A W4... • Lets you get a W2 next year • Lets your employer know how much to withhold from your paycheck A W9... • Is for freelancers and independent contractors • Is required if you make more than $600 a year from an employer A 1099... • Is what you freelance employer sends you • Shows how much you made freelancing A 1098... • Is for homeowners with mortgage interest, or • Student who paid for college education

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