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Miramar Sets the Bar on Financial Literacy

KOFE’s first municipal partner will educate both employees and residents.

August 21, 2023, Miramar, FL – The City of Miramar has become one of the first in the nation to deploy cutting-edge technology that will teach its 1,000 employees and 140,000 residents to save more money and spend it wisely.

The online portal known as Knowledge of Financial Education – nationally known as KOFE – has taught thousands of Americans to manage their money. Until now, that has been exclusively through private enterprises ranging from credit unions to hospitals to rental communities.

The South Florida city of Miramar will add KOFE to its municipal website at KOFE offers a myriad of ways for adults and teenagers to learn about credit scores, budgeting, and interest rates. These include articles, videos, interactive courses, and podcasts.

Mayor Wayne Messam stated, “In our ongoing commitment to the financial well-being of our employees and residents, the city of Miramar has partnered with the program, KOFE: Knowledge of Financial Education. Folks now have access to resources and education regarding money, budgeting, credit, retirement, and many other topics as well as a dedicated toll-free hotline to financial coaches: all the tools you need to live a financially secure lifestyle.”

What makes KOFE unique is that in addition to adapting the latest technology to teach financial education, it offers one-on-one coaching with a certified counselor at a nonprofit credit counseling agency providing the Miramar residents and employees with multiple ways to improve their finances.

“We’re excited about this partnership for a number of reasons,” says Beatriz Hartman, KOFE’s financial wellness solutions leader. “For starters, while KOFE is a national program, our headquarters are in South Florida. So, it’s nice to launch our first municipal program so close to home. We’re also excited because Miramar’s elected leaders and city staff are known for embracing new ideas.”

Hartman points to Miramar’s recognition in the past couple of years as national winners of the All-America City Award from the National Civic League and a Smart City Award, which recognizes 50 innovative and attentive municipalities.

About: KOFE: Knowledge of Financial Education aims to empower individuals with comprehensive and accessible financial education. The KOFE platform equips users with the skills necessary to achieve financial well-being and to make informed decisions about their financial future. KOFE strives to bridge the gap between financial literacy and financial capability, enabling individuals from all walks of life to confidently navigate the complexities of personal finance and achieve their long-term financial goals.

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