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Struggling with credit card debt?
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Achieving the American Dream

Overcoming debt and credit challenges to achieve homeownership.

After immigrating to the United States from Nicaragua, Maria Altamirano and her family captured their slice of the American Dream– buying their first home in spite of challenges caused by credit card debt with the help of Consolidated Credit.

Don’t let credit card debt become a barrier to your dreams

Buying a home isn’t the only financial goal that credit card debt can hold you back from achieving. You may be struggling to save money, delaying retirement, putting off a wedding or even holding off on a career change because you have high interest rate credit card debt that’s keeping you from reaching those goals.

The challenge with credit card debt comes when you have high balances with high interest rates applied each month. You can pay month after month, but your balances never seem to go down. That’s because interest charges can eat up two-thirds or more of every payment you make. So even though you pay diligently on time each month, you can’t make any headway.

The good news is that you can significantly improve your financial situation by crafting a strategy to eliminate credit card debt. If traditional payment methods aren’t working and you can’t free up enough money in your budget to reduce debt quickly, then you need to look into alternative methods like debt consolidation. A certified credit counselor can be your most useful resource since they can give you an unbiased, expert opinion on your best option to get out of debt.

During the free consultation with your credit counselor, make sure to mention what financial goals you want to achieve once you’ve eliminated your debt. Your counselor may be able to direct you to additional resources that will help you get a leg up, like the first-time homebuyer workshop that Maria Altamirano attended. Taking things one step at a time, you can eliminate your high interest rate debt and then move immediately into executing a new financial strategy that helps you reach your goals.

If you’re facing challenges caused by high interest rate credit card debt and you need help finding a path to achieve financial stability, call us at (844) 276-1544 or complete an online application to request a confidential debt and budget analysis from a certified credit counselor at no charge.

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