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This Free Webinar Helps Those Serving Their Community and Country

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Director of Education and Corporate Communications

Consolidated Credit offers a free webinar to help those that face unique financial challenges as a result of their service.

Serving your community or country can be a calling, but it also presents the people who answer that call with some distinct financial challenges. First responders face lower pay scales than their privatized counterparts. Military Service Members must deal with frequent moves and issues that can be created with deployment. The good news is that there are specialized programs designed to help the people who serve get ahead.

If you are a First Responder or a Service Member, it’s important to know about these programs so you can use them to your advantage. With that in mind, Consolidated Credit has created a free webinar that will help you do just that. We invite you to join us Wednesday, November 10 at 1:00 p.m. (EST).

Helping those who serve

First Responders and Military Service Members face unique financial challenges that can make it difficult to manage their finances effectively. Here’s a quick look at some of the challenges they face and the programs available to help them.

This infographic previews the information we'll cover in our November Webinar: Helping Those Who Serve

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Now that you know what you can learn in the webinar, we invite you to sign up for free! Click the link below to go to our signup page. And if you can’t make it on November 10, don’t stress. We will post an on-demand version of the webinar after November 10 so you can watch it on your own time and share it with other First Responders and Military Service Members that you know.

Webinar On Demand

Helping Those Who Serve: First Responders and the Military

First responders and military Service Members face unique financial challenges. This webinar offers tips on managing your money and how to find programs that can help you save.

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