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Average Back to School Costs in 2021

Stress and spending expectations during these times are high. We can help you set a better budget.

The pandemic hasn’t slowed down average back to school spending expectations. This infographic looks at key spending expectations and offers four savvy ways to save

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This infographic looks at average back to school spending for 2021

NO EXTRA CREDIT FOR BACK-TO-SCHOOL SHOPPING $37 billion total expected K-12 spending $71 billion total expected college spending $848 what parents can expect to spend for a K-12 child $1,200 what college students and parents can expect to spend — DEBT 1 in 3 parents expect to go into debt while shopping STRESS 67% of parents report stress from shopping 32% saying they’re seriously stressed 4 SMART WAYS TO MAKE THE GRADE 1. Start shopping earlier 51% of shoppers started in July 2. Adjust your plans 52% of K-12 students will start the school year virtually, making tech a priority 3. Shop online and save 39% of K-12 shoppers take advantage of online sales 4. See what your district offers Nearly 1 million students received tablets in California public schools — Sources :

If you need help balancing your budget during the back-to-school shopping season, talk to a certified credit counselor for a free evaluation.

Use this infographic

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