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Helping Those Who Serve: Military Service Members and First Responders

The people that serve our country and communities face unique financial challenges as a result of that service. This infographic looks at the challenges faced by First Responders and Military Service Members. We also preview the specialized programs that help each group get ahead that we’ll cover in our upcoming webinar.  

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This infographic previews the information we'll cover in our November Webinar: Helping Those Who Serve

Helping Those Who Serve First Responders and Military Service Members Face Unique Financial Challenges 54% of Service Members have turned to the gig economy for additional income 1 in 3 active-duty Service Members do not pay their bills on time 72% of spouses/partners of Service Members feel like they have put at least one life decision on hold 85% of first responders experience some mental health issues that keep them from working But Specialized Programs Can Provide Relief First Responders • Make use of state benefit programs, such as extended workers’ comp • Buy homes for 50% of the appraised value via HUD’s Good Neighbor Next Door Service Members • Service Members make 10% on savings through the Military Savings Deposit Program (SDP) • Use SCRA protections like the 6% interest rate cap when deployed • Take advantage of military student loan forgiveness Sources:

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Helping Those Who Serve: First Responders and the Military

First responders and military Service Members face unique financial challenges. This webinar offers tips on managing your money and how to find programs that can help you save.

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