2020 Holiday Survival Guide

How to plan and save for the holidays, despite the pandemic

The winter holiday shopping season is the most expensive time of year for most households. This year, spending is expected to be even higher as people try to spread cheer to make up for everything that’s happened in 2020. This infographic helps you start planning to shop and save for the 2020 holiday season.

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Holiday $urvival Guide Infographic

2020 Holiday $urvival Guide How to save during the pandemic holidays without looking like the Grinch in a mask 1.5% - figure out your gross annual income and don't spend more than this percentage on your holidays 3 steps to financially surviving the holidays 1. Go high0tech Use money-saving apps like Camel Camel Camel, Amazon Price Tracker, Price Alert for Amazon, BayWatch, and more. 2. Go low-tech Brick-and-mortar stores will offer deep discounts to get customers back in stores - much deeper than you might find online. 3. Don't buy. Do Especially during a pandemic, create personal gift coupons for cleaning the yard, shoveling snow, washing the car, and going grocery shopping Start saving for the next holidays! Right after this holiday season, when they're on sale, stock up on: Wrapping paper Christmas ornaments or Menorahs Stocking stuffers Holiday decorations Call Consolidated Credit if you're dreading the holidays because you're already deep in debt. We can help.

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