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Consolidated Credit Survey Finds Holiday Cheer: Forty-Four Percent Report They are in Better Financial Shape Over Last Year

Consolidated Credit’s survey of over 1,000 Americans discovered 39% will use credit cards for holiday gifts, with 14% already owing over $10,000. Still, they report being in a good place financially this season.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL — This holiday season 44% of Americans report that they’re doing better or much better than last year, while 30% say they are doing about the same. Only 26% say they are worse or much worse than last year – according to a recent national poll conducted by the non-profit Consolidated Credit.

When asked how much credit card debt they carry, 25% said between $2,500 and $9,999, while 14% said over $10,000. On the lower scale, 32% owe between $500 – $2,499, and 17% own less than $500.

“People notoriously charge-up credit card balances over the holiday season, and with consumer confidence higher, coupled with lower debt levels, this year it seems like we may see an increase in spending and potential debt,” says April Lewis-Parks director of education and certified financial counselor.

For those looking to save money and who are concerned about inflation, 57% said they would cut back on the number of gifts they give this year. Additionally, 50% said they wouldn’t travel and 41% said they would cut back on non-gift costs, such as decorations.

“The outlook for the New Year is basically in a dead heat with 51% of respondents saying they don’t expect their financial situation to improve in 2022, while 49% think it will. This is indicative of the impact of the pandemic as well as the great resignation. Half of the country is doing well while the other half has felt the economic crunch of the last two years,” says Lewis-Parks.

The results concerning credit cards show what Americans are prioritizing. When asked how they are planning to use credit:

  • 39% will pay for holiday gifts
  • 50% will pay for food and household expenses
  • 52% will pay for unexpected/emergency purchases
  • 78% said they don’t think they will need to request forbearance or payment deferral on credit cards payments in the New Year

For more information about money and the holidays, visit Consolidated Credit’s holiday spending section.

About: Consolidated Credit, a non-profit organization, has helped more than 10 million people overcome debt and financial challenges in 28 years. Its mission is to assist families throughout the United States to end financial crises and solve money management issues through education and counseling.

Media Contact: Jilliana Ourth – [email protected]

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