Consolidated Credit Brings Free Financial Literacy Publications to NSU

Thinking Money exhibit at the Alvin Sherman Library features a range of free financial literacy publications.

As we finish off National Financial Literacy Month 2018, Consolidated Credit debuted a new rack of financial literacy publications at the Alvin Sherman library. Consolidated Credit’s Financial Education Director April Lewis-Parks and Director of Housing Counseling and Business Development Maria Gaitan went to the Alvin Sherman Library to help unveil the new addition to NSU’s Thinking Money exhibit.

The community benefits of free financial literacy publications

“Consolidated Credit is proud to partner with organizations like Nova Southeastern University to bring free financial literacy publications to the public,” explains April Lewis-Parks. “Displays like this one at the Alvin Sherman Library allow people to easily and discreetly get access to financial education that they need to be successful. They can learn at their own pace and come back for additional publications once they’re ready for more.”

Consolidated Credit’s free financial literacy publications include a variety of topics that cover:

  • Budgeting and saving techniques
  • Building and maintaining good credit
  • Financial planning for major life events
  • Conversation starters for key money talks you need to have

These are some of Consolidated Credit’s most popular guides that are specifically geared for college students:

“The publication rack is not limited, however, to publications just for college students,” Lewis-Park continues. “There are publications that help users navigate all the major milestones in life, from getting married and having children, to planning effectively for retirement.”

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