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We’re Proud to Announce Our Story Contest Winners

Written by:
Financial Literacy Specialist

Thank you to everyone who shared their stories!

Our team here at Consolidated Credit was overwhelmed and touched by the stories that our clients and alumni shared in our story contest. Participants were asked to tell us about their experience of getting into debt and then their journey to become debt-free with the help of Consolidated Credit. We received some great entries and are now proud to announce the winners:

  • 1st place: Cheryl P.
  • 2nd place: Lori C.
  • 3rd place: Julie W.

“These stories and all the stories we received were inspiring and heat-warming,” says April Lewis-Parks, Financial Education Director for Consolidated Credit. “We’re so thrilled that everyone was so willing to share their stories, which can inspire others in similar situations to reach out and get the help they need to become debt-free.”

The winners of the story contest each received a cash prize. Julie won a $100 gift card for third place, Lori received $250 and Cheryl received $500 for submitting the first-place story.

Words that can inspire others

Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing the stories from Cheryl, Lori, and Julie in the debt stories section of our website. You’ll be able to read their full stories to learn about their journeys to get out of debt. We’ll share the stories through our monthly Advisor newsletter and on our social platforms.

But in the meantime, here is a sneak peek of what each woman had to share:

3rd place winner – Julie W.

Julie admits that like many, she loves to shop. Credit cards made it all too easy to buy something she liked when she saw it. But when she wanted to buy a home and start a new chapter in her life, she knew she needed to get out of debt and make a change.

I realized that with all the debt that was owed, I would never be approved for a mortgage loan until I cleared up my total debt altogether. And this made me sad, but determiend to get my debt paid off.

2nd place winner – Lori C.

Lori’s challenges with debt started when she was 21 and she found herself on her own for the first time after her parents moved 500 miles away. She racked up credit card debt and was only making minimum payments. It was a slippery slope and she gradually fell deeper into debt. She was hesitant at first to call Consolidated Credit, but…

I will never forget how I felt when my first credit card was paid in full. It was a feeling I had been desiring for so many years. Setting the “snowball effect” go into action with my debt was so exciting.

1st place winner – Cheryl P.

Cheryl’s challenges with debt came out of grief after her oldest child and only daughter, Kelly Anne, passed away unexpectedly. During the years that followed, she began “collecting” credit cards and charging without even thinking. But grief counseling helped her realize what was happening and seek change with credit counseling.

I have learned that I didn’t need credit cards to help me through grief. I didn’t need credit card to make me happy or buy items I didn’t need.

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