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The Key Components of a Budget

This infographic reveals the four key components of a budget. Organizing your finances in a budget can help you minimize financial stress.

4 Components of a Budget - CLICK HERE
Consolidated Credit's infographic reveals the key components of a budget

4 Components of a Budget 65% of Americans don’t know what they spent last month. 1/3 of Americans regret how much they spent Starting tracking these to save yourself from financial stress: NET INCOME What you take home Your paycheck Part-time or freelance work Child support Rent you charge FIXED EXPENSES Necessities with set costs Rent Mortgage Car payments Insurance FLEXIBLE EXPENSES Necessities with no set costs Groceries Gas Utility bills Clothes DISCRETIONARY EXPENSES Your wants Movies Dining out Subscriptions Gifts

If credit card debt is throwing off your budget and causing you stress, we can help.

Use this infographic

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