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Ana Maria Ceballos

Community and Business Relationship Manager

Ana Maria Ceballos
Ana Maria Ceballos, Housing Realtionship Manager

Adept at formulating, implementing, and evaluating cross-functional decisions related to workforce management, Ana Maria Ceballos enables each organization she works with the ability to achieve set objectives and reach them efficiently. She is an expert at creating and implementing process road maps and optimizing work efficiency and business performance.

Ana obtained her M.B.A in Business Administration & Management from Nova Southeastern University after obtaining her bachelor’s degree from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Colombia, her native country.

In the United States, Ana would join The Hispanic Unity of Florida, working as a team leader in the VITA and Small Business Services department. In that position, she helped to improve customer service satisfaction and data management by 50% and increased earned income tax credits by 49%.

After 5 years in that role, Ms. Ceballos became Program Coordinator of the same department. There, she oversaw and enabled the delivery of VITA services to over 25,000 low-to-moderate income individuals and had a role in over $29 million in refunds to the Broward County community.

Her continued excellence would see Ana promoted to Senior Program Manger in the Income Supports & Small Business Services department in 2018. There she assessed the needs and eligibility for public benefits, in addition to providing access to healthcare by leading high performing of navigators. Ana also managed all aspects of the recruiting process including screening, interviewing, and selecting over 30+ candidates each tax season.

Joining Consolidated Credit in September 2022 as a Community and Business Relationship Manager, Ana’s focus has been on the KOFE platform, and how it can help companies, their employees, and clients.

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