Debt Stories: Finding Success with the Help of Consolidated Credit (Page 2)

Personal stories of overcoming problems with credit card debt to find the right financial path.

Think you’re alone when it comes to your debt problems? You’re not. Debt problems affect people from every walk of life. Whether your problems were caused by unexpected life events or just by your own lack of financial education or planning, there’s a solution out there that can help you get back on the right track.

These are debt stories from graduates of Consolidated Credit’s debt management program. They share their stories of how they got into debt, how we helped them out of it, and how they feel know that they’re debt free.

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Leslie S. – Eliminating Debt in Spite of Layoffs

When faced with a series of layoffs and emergency expenses to pay with no savings in the bank, Leslie and her family turned to credit. But when $76,000 of debt was too much to eliminate on their own, Consolidated Credit helped them regain control.

Rose S. – When Helping Family Leads to Debt

When Rose helped her adult son get established in a new apartment, it ended up causing problems for her bottom line. Rose’s story isn’t unique either – parents often end up in debt trying to help their kids. Here’s how we helped Rose regain control.

Troy W. – Taking on Marital Debt after Divorce

When Troy got divorced, he chose to take all of the marital debt because it was the right choice for his family and, in theory, his credit score. But when the debt proved too much for him to pay off alone, Consolidated Credit was here to help.

Carlos E. – How a Steady Income Ends in Debt

After Carlos returned from his last Iraq deployment in 2012, he hit a slippery slope with debt as lenders rewarded his steady income with a series of loans and credit cards. Consolidated Credit helped Carlos change his habits to take control.

David D. – Eliminating Debt Post-Retirement

David didn’t mind going back to work after he retired, but when his wife fell ill and they were reduced to one income, he found himself paying off $47,000 in credit card debt on a limited retirement income at 71.

Judith D. – Battered but Not Beaten

Often women living with abuse feel trapped because they don’t have the money or financial means to get out . Read Judith’s inspiring story of how she escaped domestic violence and the debt incurred as a result, to build a new life.

Yvette S. – Staying Afloat with $40K in Debt

Between divorce, home repairs, and a few medical bill co-pays, Yvette found herself drowning in over $40,000 in credit card debt. After she consolidated, she’s able to enjoy an extra $1,400 in her budget.

Anthony M. – When Divorce Leads to Debt

Retired Air Force electrician Anthony M. never had any problems with his finances or credit until a nasty divorce left him without assets and with too many bills. See how we helped him take control and rebuild his credit so he could move forward.

Renee – When Getting By Gets Out of Control

When Renee got her first credit card at 19, she wasn’t using it to splurge – she only charged what she needed to get by until she got out of school. Four years later, she was left with high-interest debt and a hard financial lesson to learn.

Janet – Success on 2 Teachers’ Salaries

When a husband and wife are both teachers, money can get tight. While Janet’s family managed to get by on a shoestring budget, unexpected home repairs left them with a mountain of credit card debt. We helped Janet get back to stability.

Bilkisu M. — Finding Order in Financial Disorder

When Bilkisu returned to Nigeria to help her family through a crisis, it caused a crisis back in Pennsylvania for her own finances. Her helping hand led to problems and she had a hard time getting back on the right path until we helped her achieve stability.

Donna — Getting Smarter about Stupid Debt

When asked to name the one thing that caused her debt problems, Donna blames spending too much money on “stupid stuff.” And, really, don’t we all have that problem? See how we helped Donna learn smarter spending habits to avoid debt.

Lauren — Study Abroad brought Debt Home

When Laruen studied abroad in London, the last thing on her mind was her finances. But living in the moment left her facing some tough realities with debt when she got home. See how we helped Lauren to stop living paycheck to paycheck.

Robert — Getting Out of the Payday Loan Cycle

Payday loans are advertised to offer a quick fix when you face financial challenges, but they often cause more problems than they solve. When Robert faced interest rates up to 1000% APR on $4,000, he knew he was in trouble and needed help.

Mark C. — Avoiding a Second Bankruptcy

After going through bankruptcy in 2004, Mark couldn’t believe he was back to face even more problems with debt, but he was. Instead of declaring bankruptcy and ruining his credit again, Mark opted for credit counseling to get a fresh start.

Carol – When Customers Simply Aren’t Tipping

When your income depends on others because you work in a service industry, things can get tough when the tips simply aren’t coming in as quickly as you need. See how we helped Carol take control of her budget to get ahead.

Amber — Have Debt, Will Travel

As Amber traveled Europe during school while living in England on an exchange program, her credit here in the U.S. started to suffer. Between student loan payments and credit card debts from her travels, she faced with serious debt problems.

Marcus C. — Celebrating Freedom from Debt

At the start of 2014, we caught Marcus walking into our office to make his last program payment. He talks to us about what it feels like to go from a complete financial meltdown following the 2008 recession.

Kamal — Living Large, Landing in Debt

Keeping up with the Joneses isn’t new, but today’s culture glamorizes a lifestyle of living large that drives people to spend. From luxury cars to treating friends to expensive meals, Kamal spent on credit like there was no tomorrow.

Diane — Saves Her Debt & Her Marriage

Retail therapy and shopping binges were a daily occurrence, but after amassing $18,000 credit card debt Diane’s marriage was in crisis. With a husband threatening divorce and her family hanging in the balance, Diane knew it was time for a change.

Michael C. — Solving a Gem of a Debt Problem

An addiction to the finer things is problem Michael can understand. Buying gems to have his jeweler make unique one-of-a-kind pieces left Michael with debt problems that are all to common. See how we helped him rein in luxury spending.

Barbara — Sick with Debt Problems

Health problems can lead to debt problems, which causes more stress that lead to even more health problems. It’s a vicious cycle and one that Barbara understands personally. When debt affects your physical health, you have to take action.