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Books to Briefcase

Transitioning from the classroom to the boardroom can be a bumpy road for your finances and credit. We offer tips on how to eliminate debt and budge wisely.

America Saves Week 2013

Americans are behind other parts of the developed world when it comes to household savings, but how do you save when you’re busy eliminating unsecured debt?

Jump on the Savings Sleigh

As holiday costs continue to increase, Consolidated Credit looks at how Americans plan on spending and how you can save money on holiday costs this season.

2011 Tax Prep Checklist

This infographic will help you file your 2011 income tax returns correctly so you can avoid IRS audits and maximize your refund with money to pay off debt.

Cupid’s PAYnful Arrow?

See how Americans spend money for Valentine’s Day with Consolidated Credit’s infographic and learn how much people are paying in the name of love.

Holiday Spending

The holiday shopping season is the most expensive time of year for most families on a budget, but is the cost getting higher to cause more debt problems?

Your New Year’s Resolution

View this infographic from Consolidated Credit to find out if you are a Smart Spender or an Over Spender when it comes to how you shop with credit.