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Our mission

To assist families throughout the United States to end financial crises and solve money management issues through education and professional counseling.

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More than 10.2 million people helped in 30 years


300+ hrs. of live education each year


Over $9.75 billion in debt consolidated

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How credit counseling works in 3 easy steps

1. Talk to a Counselor for Free

Review your debts, budget and credit with a certified credit counselor to see if you qualify for a debt management program and explore other options for relief, so you can avoid bankruptcy.

2. Start as Soon as You're Ready

Take the time you need to decide. Once you are ready to enroll, we will call your creditors and work with them to lower your interest rates and stop late fees.

3. Get Out of Debt Faster

The program is easy! You make one payment to us each month, and we distribute the funds to your creditors on your behalf. You can be out of debt in as little as 36 months.

You Are Not Alone

Irene P. got help with $10,000 in NM23 seconds ago
Rickey M. got help with $10,000 in VA3 minutes ago
Aspen S. got help with $11,000 in OR3 minutes ago
Rocio S. got help with $10,000 in CA4 minutes ago
Rosalee R. got help with $100,000 in NV4 minutes ago
Catherine B. got help with $32,000 in NY4 minutes ago
Chana C. got help with $60,000 in OR26 minutes ago
Aldo G. got help with $10,000 in KY50 minutes ago
Elizabeth H. got help with $10,000 in MA58 minutes ago
Juan B. got help with $10,000 in FL1 hour ago
Marysnn B. got help with $20,000 in IN1 hour ago
Alfredo S. got help with $15,000 in FL1 hour ago
Laureano M. got help with $10,000 in MA2 hours ago
Lizeth A. got help with $15,000 in TX2 hours ago
Demi W. got help with $35,000 in CO2 hours ago
Rob T. got help with $10,000 in TX2 hours ago
Mario C. got help with $10,000 in CA2 hours ago
Regulo N. got help with $40,000 in CA2 hours ago
Ana P. got help with $15,000 in OR2 hours ago
Ramona Z. got help with $11,500 in TX2 hours ago

A debt management
program can...

  • Reduce your total credit card payments by up to 50%
  • Lower the interest rates applied to your debt to 0-10%
  • Pay off your debt in full in 36-60 months
  • Help you avoid negative credit report information

How Much Could You Save?

Just tell us how much you owe, in total, and we’ll estimate your new consolidated monthly payment.

Debt Amount

Creditors We Work With

These are just some of the creditors we work with to help our clients every day. As your advocate, our credit counseling team will work with all of your creditors to minimize interest charges, stop penalties and set up a repayment plan that you can afford. Interest rates are typically reduced to between 0-10%.

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Advocating for our clients since 1993

Consolidated Credit is one of the nation’s largest and oldest nonprofit credit counseling organizations. Our mission is to help people end financial crises through education and professional counseling. We take pride in helping people find solutions to overcome challenges with credit card debt and achieve long-term financial stability.

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financial help that was...

good experience


5 stars




4 stars

My husband passed away.

CCO helped me immensely. My husband passed away and had no life insurance. I needed...


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5 stars

Consistent and thorough!

Consistent and thorough!


5 stars

I’m almost done paying...

I’m almost done paying off all my high interest credit cards! Long but truly...

A happy customer

4 stars




4 stars

It was easy to do my...

It was easy to do my only complaint is I wish I could see when the payments were...


5 stars

It was an easy process

It was an easy process. I talked to a representive right away and they were able to...


5 stars

Consolidated Credit is...

customer service


5 stars

Thank you this was an...

Thank you this was an easy process and kept me informed all the time be log in into...


5 stars

Excellent service

All my dealings have been completed timely and Consolidated Credit had represented


5 stars

Helping me to get out of...

Helping me to get out of debt,with low payment. Thanks for your support 🙏🦋😊


5 stars

Great Customer Service!

So far everything is great. I had an issue but Consolidated Credit handle it in a...


5 stars

They are just helpful

They are just helpful, polite and seem to care about you

Sharon Ellis

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Debt Relief in Action

Review case studies from real debt management program graduates to see how credit counseling helped them find debt relief through credit consolidation. Working with a certified credit counselor can reduce or eliminate interest charges and lower your total payments by up to 30-50%.

Map of US Debt Relief Nationwide showcasing Brian M. from Seward, NE with $11,231 in credit card debt

Specialized Credit Counseling Services and Financial Education Programs

Whether you’re buying a home or need help saving your home, Consolidated Credit’s HUD-certified housing counselors can help you create a customized plan to achieve your goals. Housing counselors also provide free reverse mortgage counseling for seniors, as well as an online first-time homebuyer course that provides the certification you may need to qualify for closing cost and down payment assistance.

Find Your Way Home

Born out of Consolidated Credit’s Financial Literacy in the Workplace Program, KOFE is a financial wellness program that helps businesses, financial institutions, government agencies and nonprofit organizations support their employees and members to build financial literacy through a 3-pronged approach of self-learning, classroom education and one-on-one financial coaching with certified credit counselors.

Corporate Financial Wellness Program

Consolidated Credit is proud to help military Service Members and Veterans achieve financial stability. The partnership with Army OneSource and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs helps military personnel and their families improve their financial literacy so they can navigate the unique financial challenges that they face, from deployment to transition to civilian life.

Money Management and the Military

Take advantage of a wide-range of free financial resources that can help you gain the financial literacy you probably missed because few schools offer personal finance education. Learn at your own pace with the help of financial education videos, infographics, calculators and interactive courses. You can also sign up for free monthly webinars or watch past webinars on-demand.

Financial Resources and Helpful Tools

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