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Debt Relief Programs in Action: Case Studies from Real Clients

Consolidated Credit has helped over 10 million people find debt relief nationwide.

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No two financial situations are alike and there are plenty of ways to solve challenges with credit card debt. But one solution has helped millions of people nationwide to find the debt relief they need. A debt management program helps you get out of debt faster by lowering or eliminating interest charges applied to your debt. This can allow you to get out of debt faster, even though your total monthly payments may be lower. You essentially find a better, faster, more efficient way repay everything you owe. That way, you can save your credit and rebuild your credit faster once you get out of debt.

But don’t take our word for it. The interactive map below shows you just how many people have found debt relief with the help of Consolidated Credit. You can click on individual states to find real case studies from former clients of Consolidated Credit, one of the nation’s largest nonprofit credit counseling agencies. We also provide some current statistics about credit card debt in your state, so you can understand the challenges you face.

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