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Debt Management

Explore options to regain financial stability.

Debt problems are draining – financially, emotionally, mentally and sometimes in the worst cases, they can even affect your physical health. So when debt problems strike and cause financial distress, it’s critical to find a solution as quickly as possible so you can regain control.

Of course, like any financial challenge, you probably weren’t taught how to solve debt problems in school. So how do you wade through all of the options available and how do you decide which option is right for you?

This section of our website is designed to help you find the right solution for your debt problems. If you still have questions or need help finding the right solution for your unique financial situation, call us today at (844) 276-1544 or ask for help now with a request for a free Debt & Budget Analysis.

What is Debt Management?

Keeping your debts under control. Ideally, you want to develop strategies that allow you to maintain control over your debt payments. This involves budgeting and financial planning carefully to make sure your debt payments can be covered without sacrificing other things that you need. You can do this on your own or get free professional help.

These resources help you keep debt in control to avoid problems:

The Basics of Debt Management 

Consolidating Your Debt to Avoid Distress

When you start to struggle with credit card debt payments and other unsecured debts, your first consideration should always be to consolidate. This rolls all of your debt obligations into one payment at the lowest interest rate possible.

The following resources help you understand debt consolidation:

Image of a digitalized calculator

Take Control with Debt Consolidation

DIY: How to Consolidate Debt on Your Own

The Pros and Cons of Debt Consolidation

Understanding the Credit Effects of Consolidation

Debt Consolidation for Military Service

Student Loan Consolidation

Medical Debt Consolidation

Payday Loans & Debt Consolidation

Credit Counseling: Professional Help for Debt Problems

If you can’t solve debt on your own, your next move should be to contact a certified credit counselor. Credit counseling is designed to evaluate your debt and offer personalized advice on your debt options to regain control.

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These resources explain how credit counseling can help you:

Do You Need Credit Counseling?

What to Expect from Your First Counseling Session

Counseling Service Provider

3 Things You Gain from Free Credit Counseling

Credit Counselor Q&A: Meet Our Credit Counselors

Enrolling in a Debt Management Program

If you can’t get out of debt on your own, your credit counselor may recommend a debt management program (DMP) – designed to help you pay back everything you owe in a way that’s manageable with your current budget.