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Struggling with credit card debt?
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With 23 years and more than 5 million clients helped, Consolidated Credit is the way to learn “how to get – and stay – out of debt”

leaf graphic is the web’s “the authority on bad credit.™” and they’ve officially given Consolidated Credit the nod on being the right nonprofit credit counseling agency to use when you need to get out of debt.

The extensive write-up focuses on one of Consolidated Credit’s many client success stories. This particular story follows the debt elimination journey of Margaret. She went into debt helping friends and family who were also struggling to make ends meet. As a result, she found herself facing credit card debt problems of her own.

Margaret’s story is all too common these days. As people struggle to achieve stability in spite of challenges, family and friends often get into debt helping others. Then it comes down to a choice of pursuing repayment and potentially ruining a relationship or finding a way to address the debt on your own. Margaret chose the latter and called Consolidated Credit.

As explains, Consolidated Credit’s debt elimination process is also accompanied by financial rehabilitation. The goal is to help clients learn better financial habits, so debt can be avoided in the future. These resources are free to use by clients and many are available publicly if you’d like to start learning now.

The following resources can help you get started:

  • Credit Dojo: An interactive financial education course that teaches you everything from basic budgeting to how to manage your mortgage.
  • Financial Education Videos: An animated video series that teaches you about personal finance, debt management and good credit.
  • Financial Calculators: These free calculators can help you craft effective strategies to keep debt in check and increase your savings.
  • Self-Help Booklets: This free publication series covers a variety of financial topics. It includes lessons on teaching kids about money and giving teens credit.
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