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Are Store Credit Cards Bad?

A new trend in increased credit card delinquencies on store credit cards reveals two good reasons why you might want to think twice before opening a in-store credit card. Consolidated Credit explains how to decide if store credit cards are a bad idea for your finances.
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Can You Afford the Cost of Debt?

Another interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve means that the cost of debt for consumers just got higher again. WalletHub has revised their map of cities with the most and least sustainable credit card balances. Can you still afford to pay off your debt in a cost-effective way or do you need debt relief?
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Don’t Loan Credit Cards!

If you thought lending money to family was a bad idea, consider that 36 million Americans admit they’ve run into trouble when they decided to loan credit cards to friends and family. Learn why it’s a bad idea and what you can do instead to help someone out.
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