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Donations in Debt

Consolidated Credit’s Donations in Debt infographic explores the practice of continuing charitable giving in spite of personal challenges with debt.

Types of Consumer Debt

This infographic compares types of consumer debt to help you better understand debt so you can effectively prioritize debt repayment and savings.

2016 Holiday Shopping Expectations

Consolidated Credit looks at 2016 holiday shopping expectations from retailers to help consumers plan an effective holiday shopping strategy.

American Spending Statistics

Use this infographic to compare your budget and spending to average American spending statistics to see how you stack up when it comes to cash flow.

Avoid Olympic-Sized Debt

Whether you’re traveling to Rio or watching the games from your home, it’s important to budget carefully to over overspending on Olympic festivities.

Tiny Houses

We look at the financial and lifestyle benefits of owning tiny houses versus traditional houses, as well as the challenges you’ll face to transition.

Credit Unions vs. Banks

Learn about the key differences between banks and credit unions so you can understand which financial institution is the better choice for your money.

2015 Tax Prep Checklist

We go down the list of everything you need to know to file your 2015 income taxes on time with the IRS in order to maximize your refund and avoid tax debt.

Keys to a Debt Free Life

If you want to achieve freedom from debt, you have to make strategic plans in your budget to eliminate these four biggest sources of consumer debt.

Ho, Ho, Ho When Budgets are Low

Consolidated Credit polls 2,425 clients to see how families already struggling with credit card debt problems are budgeting for the holidays this year.

Shopping Smart Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend is the biggest shopping weekend of the year. We offer 7 secrets to help you save money and trim your holiday shopping budget.

Invasion of the Credit Snatchers!

Watch out for the Invasion of the Credit Snatchers! This fun infographic helps you understand how identity theft can create scary problems for your credit.

Retirement Checkpoints

Consolidated Credit helps you understand key milestones you need to hit on your road to retirement if you want to retire on time and in the way you want.

Secrets to Successful Retirement

Consolidated Credit helps you make a plan to retire on time and the way you really want with eight secrets to achieving a successful retirement plan.

Dorm Decorating on a Dime

Spending close to $1,000 to decorate a room that’s used for less than a year can break the bank. Here’s how to do it on a budget without going into debt.

The True Cost to Tie the Knot

The average wedding costs over $30,000, but that’s only if you pay in cash. This infographic shows you the true cost with credit card interest added.

Debunking 5 Financial Myths

Consolidated Credit helps you build financial literacy with a useful infographic that debunks 5 common financial misconceptions that can lead to distress.

Budget Balancing Act

Keeping your finances organized can be a real balancing act. Consolidated Credit helps balance your budget with this helpful budgeting infographic.