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Making Budget Adjustments for Seasonal Events

Learn how to adjust your budget so you can maintain stability year-round.

Your budget is never static. Costs and financial needs change from one season to the next, so your budget should change, too. Making seasonal budget adjustments can help ensure you maintain financial stability. You can also avoid credit card debt caused by higher costs than what you had budgeted. So, you adjust your budget for higher energy and gas costs in the summer, as well as factoring in your vacation. Then you adjust your budget for back to school in the fall and holiday shopping in the winter.

This set of resources can help you understand all the seasonal costs that can throw your finances off track. It will help you make smart budget adjustments, so you stay financially stable year-round.

On-Demand Webinar: Debt-free vacation budgeting

Everyone needs a break. But recent studies found that up to 90% of Americans take on credit card debt to take a vacation. Bringing home debt as a souvenir just adds to your financial stress. So, if you really want to relax and get away, you need a budget and save for your next vacation.

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Debt-Free Vacation Budgeting

Don’t let high interest rate debt be the biggest souvenir from your trip! Learn how to budget for a fun, frugal vacation that doesn’t lead to debt.

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Self-Help Guide: Disaster planning

Whether you live in an area that’s prone to floods, hurricanes, tornados, fires or blizzards, disaster planning should be part of your yearly financial routine. This guide can teach you how to make sure your finances and household are ready for the next major disaster, so you can recover quickly and minimize debt problems caused by these often catastrophic events.

Disaster Planning: Minimizing Financial Losses from Natural Disasters

Disaster Planning Guide

Financial Planning

Natural disasters can derail even the best laid financial plans. Whether you live in a hurricane, tornado or flood zone, or an area prone to wildfires or winter storms, it’s crucial that you get prepared to keep yourself, your family, and your finances protected during the storm. This guide teaches you how to prepare, so you can minimize financial losses.

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Surviving the holidays without a holiday debt hangover

The winter holidays are the most expensive time of year for most American households. It’s easy to go overboard, making it the holidays the easiest time of year to take on serious credit card debt. That’s why we’ve created a whole range of resources to help you make an effective holiday budget. You can find more information in Consolidated Credit’s full Holiday Survival Guide section of our website.


Ho, Ho, Ho When Budgets are Low, Low, Low

Consolidated Credit polls 2,425 clients to see how families already struggling with credit card debt problems are budgeting for the holidays this year….

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Back-to-school budgeting

If you have children, then the fall back-to-school shopping season is the second most expensive time of the year. Back to school shopping seems to get pricier every year, so we’ve created a series of resources to help parents stay on budget and avoid credit card debt.

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Back to School Shopping Tips

Back to school is the 2nd most expensive shopping season of the year. Learn how to save money and teach your kids money lessons along the way.

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Still have questions about how to make smart budget adjustments for seasonal events? Ask our certified financial coaches so you can get the answers you need to stay on track.