Learn about Credit Scores with These Free Resources

Take control of your credit destiny by understanding everything about credit scores.

Achieving and maintaining a good credit score is crucial to qualify for the lowest rates and terms on loans and credit cards. But there are a lot of misconceptions about credit scores and how they are calculated. This results in mistakes that cost people money and keep them in debt longer. In order to be successful, you need to understand how credit works so you can make the right choices moving forward.

These resources will teach you everything you need to know about credit scores. You’ll learn what makes up your credit score and what actions you can take to improve your score. We’ll also explain how to avoid certain actions that can damage your score, so you won’t face any surprises the next time you apply for new credit. If you have questions, just click the Ask a Question button at the bottom of our page to connect with our certified financial coaches.

Video: Learning to win the Game of Good Credit

Infographic: Are you ready to be the next Credit Score Idol?

There are five factors used to judge your credit score and they determine your fate when it comes to credit. This infographic makes it easy to understand these five scoring factors, so you can make the right moves as you work to achieve the best credit score possible.

Credit Score Loan Cost Calculator

Good credit means lower rates and lower monthly payments on loans. A bad score means you pay more for the same loan. To show you how much a bad credit score can cost you (and how much you save with a good score), Consolidated Credit has designed this free calculator that estimates the cost of loans for various credit scores. How much is your credit score costing you?

Self-Help Guide: Are you making the most of your credit score?

Our free credit score eBook takes everything you’ve learned and gives you a handy reference guide that you can print out or download to your favorite mobile device. Find tips on how to improve your score, as well as helpful contact information for the credit bureaus.