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Resource to Help You Learn to Use Credit Cards Wisely

Learn how to develop a healthy relationship with credit cards to avoid debt.

Millions of Americans have faced challenges with credit card debt, but credit cards themselves are not the enemy of good finance. If you learn how to use credit cards wisely, you can develop a good credit strategy that avoids debt problems while helping you build your way to a better credit score.

The resources in this section are all designed to teach you how to use credit cards wisely without abusing them. Once you have a better understanding of how credit cards work and how to use them strategically, you may decide you can keep them in your life instead of swearing them off for good. If you still have questions, Consolidated Credit’s financial coaches are here to help. Just click the Ask a Question button at the bottom of this page.

Good Credit Habits of Smart Spenders

Consolidated Credit explains how to have better credit habits while also saving money. Checking the benefits of a credit card and convenience helps with spending as well as not taking on too many cards while being smart about what and how you spend.
  • Good Credit Habits of Smart Spenders
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    Good Credit Habits of Smart Spenders
  • How to Compare Credit Cards
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    How to Compare Credit Cards
  • Using Credit Responsibly
    Using Credit Responsibly
  • Credit Tips to Live By
    Credit Tips to Live By

Self-Help Guide: Credit Cards 101

Learn the pros and cons of using credit and how to be a responsible credit user. This guide can help you decide if you want credit cards in your financial life, or if you’re better off without them.

Credit Cards: What You Need to Know

Credit Cards


Credit cards can be an extremely useful financial tool, but only when they’re used correctly. Otherwise, you can easily wind up with too much debt. Knowing the right way to use credit is essential, so you can enjoy all the benefits without putting your financial stability at risk.


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Develop the Best Credit Card Payoff Plan

Use the calculator below to see the time and cost of making only minimum payments. Then compare how much you can save by making fixed payments to pay off your balances as quickly as your budget allows.

Still have questions about how to use credit cards wisely? Ask our certified financial coaches so you can develop the right credit strategy.