Consolidated Credit 25th Anniversary: Celebrating 25 Years of Financial Literacy

From print publications to cutting edge digital technology, we’re constantly evolving to meet the education needs of consumers.

Why financial education is so important

As one of our partners mentions in the video, Consolidated Credit’s President Gary Herman says it best. “Without financial education, financial stability is just a dream.”

Our business is built on helping people get out of credit card debt. But without financial education, it’s impossible for the people we help to maintain stability. They can get out of debt, but they are much more likely to get right back into debt unless they have the tools to move forward in a financially healthy way.

That’s why we’re so dedicated to improving financial literacy in our clients, as well as the community at large. Financially educated people are less likely to face challenges with debt and they’re better equipped to achieve their financial goals.

“If we do our job right when it comes to financial education, then fewer and fewer people will need debt relief services like credit counseling,” Gary Herman explains. “The goal is to get Americans to a point where they can plan effectively for the future, achieve key financial goals and overcome challenges on their own without a need for professional assistance or relief programs.”

Consolidated Credit offers a full-range of financial tools to fit every lifestyle

One of the things that we’re proud to accomplish in 25 years is building up a robust library of free financial resources. Our goal is to provide financial education in a variety of ways, to suit every learning style and busy lifestyle.

Self-Help Guides

Back in the 1990’s we started our financial education initiative with free financial publications. These booklets guide users through over 40 key financial topics in English and Spanish. You can download them and take them with you on your favorite mobile device or print them out.

Financial Education Videos

From budgeting and saving to debt management strategies, Consolidated Credit’s video library allows users to watch their way to financial success. We also cover key life events, like getting married and retirement, so users learn to maintain stability long-term.


For visual learners, Consolidated Credit has a library of financial infographics. They cover general topics, as well as seasonal events like back-to-school, vacation season and the winter holidays. We also cover trending money topics to give you the scoop.

Credit Dojo Interactive Course

Credit Dojo is an interactive financial education course that we created in 2016. It covers 16 key financial topics, from basic budgeting and saving to debt consolidation and how to buy a home. Credit Dojo is a fun way to build financial literacy.

A woman takes a webinar on her laptop


Consolidated Credit hosts free monthly webinars that address hot topics in finance today. These webinars allow attendees to learn from certified financial coaches. The webinars are also recorded and offered on-demand to work around people’s busy schedules.

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