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Consolidated Credit Celebrates 28 Years of Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Month may be ending, but you should never stop learning!

As April comes to a close, so does National Financial Literacy Month 2021. Each year, companies like Consolidated Credit mark April by encouraging people to build financial literacy so they can lead financially healthy lives. But even though Financial Literacy Month may be ending, we encourage people to continue using all the free resources and education programs we have available.

“National Financial Literacy Month helps us raise awareness of all the great financial resources that we offer,” says Gary Herman, President of Consolidated Credit, “but building financial literacy is essential year-round. You should never stop learning about finance. The more you know, the more likely you are to be able to handle any financial challenges that life throws at you.”

Featured Video:

Consolidated Credit Celebrates Our Financial Literacy Partnerships

Consolidated Credit strives to provide free financial literacy education to as many people as possible. But we can’t do it alone! Watch this video from our 7th annual Financial Literacy Breakfast. We celebrate the organizations and programs that allow us to reach out in the community to help children and teens, Military Service Members and Veterans, and more.

Bookmark Consolidated Credit’s Financial Literacy Resource Center!

“Good financial education is essential, but it’s not always easy to find the resources that you need,” Herman explains. “That’s why our team has created a free Financial Literacy Resource Center that provides everything someone needs to build financial literacy all in one place.”

“Our goal with our financial literacy resource center was to provide vital financial education resources to suit every learning style and level of knowledge,” says April Lewis-Parks, Director of Financial Education for Consolidated Credit. “That way, we can meet people where they are in their financial education journey.

“Whether you need to master fundamentals like budgeting and credit, or you’re working to achieve major milestones like buying a home or reaching retirement, we have resources that can help you.”

Consolidated Credit’s financial literacy center allows you to browse resources by type or by topic. It includes:

Start learning today with these key topics

“We’ve also taken our resources and grouped them by topic” Lewis-Parks explains. “That way, if someone needs a comprehensive guide to budgeting, saving money, or rebuilding their credit, they can go to one place to get all the resources they need to master that topic.”

“If we do our job right when it comes to financial education, then fewer and fewer people will need debt relief services like credit counseling,” Gary Herman explains. “The goal is to get Americans to a point where they can plan effectively for the future, achieve key financial goals and overcome challenges on their own without a need for professional assistance or relief programs.”

Consolidated Credit offers a full range of financial tools to fit every lifestyle

One of the things that we’re proud to accomplish in 25 years is building up a robust library of free financial resources. Our goal is to provide financial education in a variety of ways, to suit every learning style and busy lifestyle.