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Consolidated Credit is proud to take an active role in providing financial education to communities throughout the U.S. We work tirelessly with community partners like the United Way and government agencies like the Department of Defense. The goal is to improve financial literacy for households, so it’s easier to maintain long-term financial stability. Our company news section helps you keep up with Consolidated Credit’s latest initiatives.

You can learn about our latest contests, events and outreach programs to help different kinds of consumers. This section also features original research that reveals common challenges facing American households today. Finally, you can find news about our corporate financial wellness program KOFE and other company outreach efforts.

How Credit Smart Are You?

It’s National Financial Literacy Month, which makes it the perfect time to find a range of free financial education resources. But what resources do you need? Consolidated Credit has a simple 7-question Credit Smart test so you can test your knowledge and determine what you don’t know...Read full article